My research broadly addresses questions at the intersection of identity politics and public policy, with a particular focus on human trafficking.



I am decidedly cross-disciplinary in terms of theoretical frameworks.  As a political scientist, I draw especially from sociology, social psychology, and criminology.  Although trained as a positivist, I also have an appreciation for grounded theory.



I believe finding answers to some of the most pressing, challenging, and intractable problems of the 21st century demands creative and flexible methodologies.

I am an advocate for mixed-methodological approaches to problem-solving.  As a quantitative methodologist, I design and field surveys and experiments, conduct impact evaluations, as well as build large-scale datasets from unstructured data.  However, I also conduct qualitative research, including interviews, focus groups, and case study research.



I am passionate about public accessibility and transparency in both research and practice.  I believe strongly in communicating my work in a way that is translatable to a broad audience, including academicians, practitioners, and the public.


Connecting dots || Cross-disciplinary || Data-driven