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Dr. Vanessa Bouché is an Associate Professor of Political Science at Texas Christian University.  Her research and teaching are at the intersection of public policy and political psychology, with a focus on policy diffusion, identity politics, and human trafficking.

Dr. Bouché has been a principal investigator on several federally-funded human trafficking projects from the Department of Justice and USAID totaling over $1,000,000. In addition to being the principle investigator of HumanTraffickingData.org, Dr. Bouché has conducted public opinion research on human trafficking in the U.S., Moldova, and Albania, and designed and deployed trauma informed surveys with survivors of human trafficking in the U.S. and Honduras.​

She has been an invited speaker by dozens of organizations locally and globally, including the United States Consulates in Mumbai and Kolkata, UNODC, and the US Embassy in Costa Rica.  She consults with a variety of organizations, including the McCain Institute, Thorn, and NORC.

Dr. Bouché serves on the Board of Directors for two North Texas anti-trafficking organizations, Arcadia and Traffick911, and she is an active member of her multi-ethnic church, The Well.  Most recently, she is a co-founder of Savhera, an essential oil social enterprise employing sex trafficking survivors in India and the U.S.  She was the recipient of the 2018 Young Leader Award from the Texas Women’s Foundation and the 2019 Hero Award from Unlikely Heroes.

Dr. Bouché is passionate about working towards a future that is safe and just for all people, and she has hope in the power of the collective human spirit to change the course of history, as it has many times before.  She seeks to inspire people to live justly and sacrificially by awakening them to the thousand individual choices they make every day that have a collective impact.

In her spare time, you might find Dr. Bouché laughing with friends and family, traveling, adventuring, knitting, crocheting, or practicing her inversions in a hot yoga studio.