Federal Research Grants

Principle Investigator, “USAID/Honduras C-TIP Assessment and Victim Identification Survey.” USAID/Honduras Mission and USAID/DRG Human Rights and Learning Divisions (sub-recipient for award to National Opinion Research Center).

Principle Investigator, “An Empirical Analysis of the Intersection of Organized Crime and Human Trafficking in the United States.” January 1, 2014-September 30, 2016. National Institute of Justice, 2013-R2-CX-0049, $308,694. Final Report

Co-Principle Investigator (with Katya Botchkovar, Amy Farrell, and Dana Wittmer), “Gauging Public Opinion on Human Trafficking in Moldova and Albania: Employing Survey Experimentation to Inform Effective Prevention and Awareness Programs.” August 1, 2013-August 31, 2015. USAID, Democracy Fellows and Grants Program #DFG-3-CTIP-TCU, $202,722.92.  Final Report

Co-Principle Investigator (with Amy Farrell and Dana Wittmer), “Effective Coutner-Trafficking Practices in the United State: Legislative, Legal, and Public Opinion Strategies that Work.” January 1, 2013-September 30, 2015. National Institute of Justice, 2012-MU-CX-0027, $339,001.  Final Report